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My name is Judy Boyke and I hope you are here because you want to see a positive change in the Town of Cicero.

You’re at the right place. Please review my experience and especially my page, Why Me?, to confirm why I am your best choice this November. I will appreciate your vote. Let’s do this together. Be sure to stay abreast of my announcements on Facebook. Thank you.

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  • the Cicero Democratic Committee,
  • the Conservative Party,
  • oncountyvetcouncil58 and the Onondaga County Veterans Council .
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Why Me?

I took the initiative to challenge then Supervisor Mark Venesky, and submitted a petition signed by Cicero voters to force a Public Referendum, allowing Cicero Residents the right to vote on whether the town should borrow $10 million dollars to spend on a new highway garage. This was the first time in the history of the Town of Cicero that town government was required to let the voters decide, and is only one example of my continuously representing the rights of the people.

This spring, I took leadership at Town Board meeting by proposing a Comprehensive Plan for Cicero, providing our town the opportunity to craft a vision for our future. I am pleased to report that this plan is now active.  Article may be viewed at the Eagle News Online website.

More recently, I led the Town Board’s decision to reject a proposal by the New York Department of Transportation to install a roundabout at the intersection of Thompson Road and Route 31. Such decisions should not be made without more input from Cicero residents, which was part of the rejection resolution. Article may be viewed at the Eagle News Online website.

judyflag3002Given my experience in private business, as a former Cicero Supervisor, and a current Cicero Town Councilor, I am uniquely qualified to continue in Cicero government. I have proven that I will not be intimidated, will continue to ask the tough questions, force the town board to publicly discuss the many issues that affect Cicero residents, including the construction of apartment complexes, and the terrible traffic congestion. It is time for Cicero to get their “Quality of Life and Voice Back” by re-electing me as Cicero Town Councilor this November.

Please give me your vote this November. Thank you.

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Judy boyke speaking with voters

I was previously elected Cicero Supervisor, serving from 2010-2011, and am currently a Cicero Town Councilor. I have never lost sight of my pursuit to bring Cicero residents the “Quality of Life” that they deserve.

I have attended all but three Cicero Town Board meetings since 2011, and have continued to be the “Voice of the People,” bringing the concerns of Cicero Residents to the forefront that would otherwise go ignored by Cicero government. I have also kept residents informed of the impact town government actions would have on them and our community. You will see examples of my involvement at my page, Why Me?

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Thank you for donating to the campaign! You are helping me make this Town a better place for you, your family and everyone who lives here. Political contributions are not tax-deductible and anonymous donations cannot be accepted.

Thank you again! All of your help is greatly appreciated!

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